We serve Business and Domestic clients with a wide range of Security Essentials to help protect business premises or homes. Be it your Building, Stock or even your Vehicle on the move we can help you protect it.
Our two most popular Installations are listed below; if you have a query regarding security please get in touch using the Contact page;

We primarily use a small range of alarm systems from simple inexpensive models, to Hi-tech High quality systems. Our base models are simple to use and install, Have a stylish modern look & include default functions like – SMS Txt message notification, boundary & full modes and a large range of add-on peripherals.

For larger areas of protection, field boundaries etc, we offer the latest modern IR Laser-Trip peripherals that can integrate into notification systems or Alarms informing you of unwanted trespassers on your land.

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Access Control Systems
We cover a wide range of Access Control systems including RF, Key code & even biometric Access. From Letting the right people in and the wrong ones out, we can even help you track those who have entered your premises.